Will Your Dream Kitchen Have Granite Worktops?

What would your dream kitchen look like? What kind of design decisions do you need to make? There are different ways of approaching this, from modern and contemporary to more traditional ideas. The open plan kitchen, for example, has really made a mark and is set to become increasingly popular. This stresses space and mobility, with submerged sinks, integrated appliances and lighter colours. Off-whites are particularly on-trend.

Different Shades for Different Styles

This is where granite worktops can really work well. Available in White shades such as Anto and Kaolin, granite provides a degree of subtle contrast while anchoring your whole kitchen design.

More contrasting, darker shades of granite worktops add further depth and drama to kitchen styles, whether contemporary or traditional. Black granite is a signature style in itself, and perfectly suits the trend for high gloss kitchen finishes.

Blue and green granite – Blue Pearl or Nord Green for example – work with contemporary country kitchen colours in soft pastels such as mint, or duck egg blue. The contemporary kitchen retains the traditional farmhouse kitchen’s warmth but avoids its cosier affectations.

Steel and Space

Brushed steel remains a popular style, giving the domestic kitchen an industrial edge. Granite is a natural match for this kind of kitchen finish, bolstering the density of the design while simultaneously providing tonal contrast in its
overall impact.

Storage is always a hot topic. The trend towards more spacious and integrally designed kitchen cupboards is set to continue. Again, granite worktops bring character to these kinds of contemporary kitchen layouts, offsetting their slick finishes with natural, organic warmth and colour.

You may choose a more traditional kitchen design, or something really contemporary, but whatever you do go for, getting the details right will be key to realising the sort of kitchen you’ve dreamed of. We specialise in granite worktops for Newcastle and the North. Granite provides both detail and functionality, giving any kitchen an enduring sense of robust character and reliability as the hub for your home.

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