Why Do Granite Worktops Have the Wow Factor in Middlesbrough

Natural stone in a domestic setting can be very dramatic. There’s something about granite worktops that immediately enhances a kitchen, whether the design is contemporary or classic.

The Kitchen as Household Hub

Kitchens can be very modern living spaces, replete with the latest gadgetry and sleek surfaces and defined shapes. But kitchens also perform a very traditional role in the household. They are at its centre, its hub. This is not just about preparing and consuming food; the kitchen is the family gathering-place and at the same time a kind of in-transit zone, where people come and go.

The Kitchen is therefore functional and also symbolically important. This is why people take such care over planning a new kitchen. So why then choose granite worktops for your new kitchen?

Why Granite Really Works

Granite is stone, obviously, which may give an impression of something fixed and unyielding. But in fact granite is a versatile material, and can be used in a wide variety of kitchen settings.

Whether it’s a dramatic, gleaming modernity you’re after, or the warmer tones of a traditional farmhouse kitchen, there are more than enough granite worktops to choose from to match your mood.

Granite has often been used in more commercial settings because of its durability and imposing characteristics; but contemporary granite designs are very adaptable to a whole range of domestic kitchen applications. There is a vast range of colours and patterns, from pale, elegant whites to deep reds and oceanic blues.

The stone is easy to cut into shape, and so can be fitted into different kitchen layouts and spaces. It is wonderfully complemented with mood lighting and we also can match granite worktop surfaces with granite wall tiles.

Strength and Reassurance

Your kitchen is a place you and your family rely on. Granite adds to a senseof reassurance with its solidity and comfort. We provide granite worktops in Middlesbrough and across the North East. Why not give your kitchen the wow factor? Talk to us today to see how we can help you transform your household hub.

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