What Makes Granite Kitchen Worktops So Adaptable?

Granite is an igneous rock, formed from magma in at the earth’s core millions of years ago. This doesn’t make it sound very adaptable to modern living. But it is. Granite has evolved as a building material and it’s now much sought after for use in interiors, kitchens in particular.

Granite kitchen worktops are more versatile than you might think. Just because granite consists of such established, dense material, doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t fit in with a wide variety of kitchen interiors and design themes. In fact, it’s partly down to granite’s very density that allows it to successfully integrate with different surroundings.

This is because it acts as a kind of foundation, a focal point that can contrast, or blend in, with different surfaces, textures, moods and colours. The subtle tones and bolder shades of granite’s wide colour palette help to integrate it into various settings.

For example, the lighter colours of our White Galaxy and White Rose granite will work well with various white shades of kitchen cabinet to create a clean, spacious feel. Alternatively, white interiors will contrast boldly with African Red or Bianco Grey granite worktops.

You can create an oceanic kitchen palette with Blue or Emerald Pearl worktops beige cabinets and a mosaic or patterned tile splashback.

Mood lighting in kitchens is very current. Softer, under-cupboard lights can bring out the very best in granite kitchen worktops of all shades, but especially our darker ranges, such as Padang Dark, Black Galaxy and Absolute Black.

The key thing is that with granite, form and function are so closely aligned as to be inseparable. This is of enormous benefit when it comes to planning your kitchen interior because you can rest assured that whatever granite worktop colour you choose, it’ll be tough and practical.

From the casual warmth of more traditional kitchen designs to the bold statements and smooth surfaces of contemporary interiors, granite is a material that works, and always rewards. For something so old it’s certainly, perhaps surprisingly, adaptable.

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