Texture, Depth and Mystery from Granite Worktops

What do you associate with granite? As a building material it’s well established in Durham and the North East. However, besides being an established building component, granite is a prestige material for interior use, particularly for kitchen worktops.

You might think of granite as monumental and unyielding and therefore not always suitable for a wide range of kitchen designs. But polished granite possesses an astonishing depth of colour and range of textures. The mesmerising patterns and differences in colouring in granite arise from the way that minerals have melted into the liquidity of the rock when it first formed.

Granite worktops capture both robustness and a sense of grace. They evoke a kind of solid reliability but with a richness of appearance that puts them beyond the merely functional. Granite is striking to look at, really durable when it comes to wear and tear, and easy to maintain. It can withstand high temperatures and it’s water-resistant. You can buff out any scratches to its surface.

The use of modern technology means that granite is far more portable than ever before, and adaptable for different kitchen shapes and sizes. It also looks good in a wide variety of settings, traditional and contemporary.

Black granite is an enduring kitchen worktop material because it retains an aura of exclusivity while being hard-wearing and fitting in with all manner of interior designs, from minimalist and modern to more historically homely. Other colours are equally effective in different settings. White works well with contrasting dark surfaces, while blues and greens bring out the warmth in wood-stain accessories and fittings.

The patterns in granite create a boundless source of mystery in your kitchen, almost hypnotic in their depth and distribution. In this sense, polished granite is like a functional piece of art for the home. It’s there to be admired and to be used, to become the centre of your kitchen, and, by extension, your household.

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