Light Your Kitchen to Enhance Your Granite Worktops

Planning your kitchen involves a number of elements, from colours and fittings, to worktops and appliances. Don’t neglect the kitchen lighting however, because it can really enhance your kitchen space, including features like granite worktops.


First Steps

Light works naturally with space, and it can really help you make the most of it. So with your kitchen, plan ahead, because if you get it right it can really boost your design.

Thinks not just about the whole space, but the different areas of the kitchen and what you’ll require of them in terms of how they function, and so how they should best be lit


Setting the Stage

The kitchen is a performance space as much as a highly functional focal point for your household. So treat your kitchen lighting as if you were illuminating a stage set to get the best effect.


You are trying to create mood, while also allowing for practical considerations to do with the preparation and cooking of food. Task lights are therefore of primary importance. And if you have dark worktops, you need light to add a sense of space. Keep direct lighting for where any kitchen preparation will occur. And think about illuminating drawers to make finding implements easier.

You can increase light in the kitchen by bouncing it off surfaces, such as granite worktops. Don’t think of lighting as fixed: depending on the time of day and the natural light coming in from outside, you may want the option of achieving different lighting effects.

For example, the different use of uplighters, downlights, spotlights and shelf lights can all contribute to the moods you decide to create in your kitchen. Think of your kitchen space as multifunctional. It’s a food preparation and consumption zone, but also a general family and social space. Your choice of lighting should reflect all this.

If you hanker after the ultimate kitchen, key elements like granite worktops are a big part of it. But the kitchen is made up of many contributing parts to create a satisfying whole, which is why lighting is also so crucial.

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