How Granite Worktops Make Unique Kitchens

What would it take to make your kitchen truly unique? Trends come and go, and there is now a huge range of kitchen styles to choose from. But how can you ensure that the kitchen design you choose will feel completely unique to you? The answer lies in granite worktops.


Minerals and History

The minerals that make up granite consist of quartz and feldspar, but also variable accessory minerals. These accessory minerals contribute to the individual look of a particular piece of granite. They help to give it a unique pattern with a spread of darker crystals interspersed among the salt-and-pepper appearance from the quartz and feldspar.

Granite is formed from the cooling of molten magma deep beneath the surface of the earth. The different minerals that come together in granite are compressed under vast pressure from this slow cooling period, which lasts millions of years. Different granite formations cool at different rates. The slower the rate, the larger the crystals in the granite, generally leading to a paler overall shade.

Granite deeper below the surface cools more slowly; nearer the surface and the granite forms more quickly, resulting in darker colours and smaller, but stronger, crystals.


A Riot of Colour

The sheer variety of colours and patterns in granite worktops comes from this natural rock-forming process. It is beyond the capacity of the most advanced production line, because the patterns have a compelling randomness.

Combined with a fascinating spectrum of colours, the formed patterns on granite worktops are aesthetically pleasing with an almost mesmerising depth of detail.

The other key thing is the sheer solidity of naturally formed granite. It combines beauty with strength, giving kitchens both a unique appearance and an impressive durability.

Granite colours broadly fall into three categories derived from their mineral composition: white, pink or grey. However, beyond these predominant characteristics is an amazing variety of coloured granite to choose from.

You can have aquatic blues and mossy greens; swirling reds and stunning golds; deep blacks and majestic whites.

Some of these natural patterns seem almost floral in their makeup, others have dramatic, abstract flourishes, as if devised by the most freestyle of artists.

At Just Marble Limited we’re proud to be specialist suppliers of a wide choice of granite worktops to Newcastle and across the North East. Find out how unique your kitchen could be by contacting us today.

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