How Granite Worktops Can Help to Keep Your Kitchen Cool

Summer can be a long time coming, but when it hits, you want a cool kitchen, in both senses of the word. The kitchen is your entertainment hub when you have friends round, but also you want it to feel comfortable when the temperature rises. Combine granite worktops with sensible measures to stay cool in the kitchen
this summer.

How to Stay Cool in the Kitchen

So the first thing is, cook less. This doesn’t mean spending less time in the kitchen, but when you’re there, think about food that doesn’t involve you constantly stirring or frying things on the hob.  Salads can be pretty interesting once you look beyond the lettuce leaves. Be adventurous and use less cooking as a starting point for discovering all sorts of new dishes for the summer.

Next, consider preparation. If you do all your food prep before you begin any cooking, you can avoid having the heat on for longer, and you make the whole cooking process more time-efficient.

Keep your pots covered whenever possible, that way you don’t subject yourself to a hot steam treatment.

Think of alternatives to the oven, such as a microwave, or pressure cooker. The less you use the oven, the cooler your kitchen will stay.

Use your oven timer and get your baking done later in the evening or early in the morning, when it’s likely to feel cooler throughout your home.


 A Cool, Modernist Kitchen Space

Kitchen cool is key to transforming your home. A sleek, modern kitchen adds a whole new dimension, without detracting from an overall sense of comfort
and hospitality.

The key component to the modern kitchen is the granite worktop. It perfectly matches the minimalistic mood and clear, geometric lines of cupboards and fittings, while adding a sense of organic reliability.

Black granite worktops are perfectly suited to modern kitchen designs, providing a dramatic depth to go with their sheer heft and textural superiority. Our Absolute Black and Black Galaxy shades are standouts here.

However, granite worktops also offer diversity and adaptability for a whole range of kitchen settings, so you can soften your modernist edge with warmer shades of blue and ivory, for example.

Whatever your mood or design, we have a range granite worktops to fit. Just Marble provides granite worktops for the Middlesbrough area and across the North East. Come and see what we’ve got to offer you.

Make your kitchen cool, choose granite.

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