How Granite Worktops Fit Contemporary Kitchen Trends

Granite is timeless. It’s been used as a building material for thousands of years. In Britain the granite quarrying industry developed from the late 18th century, but it was used as a material for interiors as far back as ancient Egypt. Granite symbolises a kind of enduring strength but at the same time it displays an elegance and beauty that offsets its solidity.


Granite worktops take advantage of this timeless quality, demonstrating their durability and adaptability when used in a wide range of interiors. In this sense, they reconcile two contrasting elements: shifting trends and fixed character.


So how can the timelessness of granite worktops work with up and coming trends in kitchen design? For a start, there’s been a shift towards organic, natural materials in contemporary kitchen designs. This is absolutely a perfect fit for granite. Granite kitchen worktops are almost effortlessly natural. Granite’s earthy colours add character while providing a wide palette of shades to match any interior.


Many contemporary kitchen designs favour warmer metal fittings such as iron and copper. These deep greys and reddish browns can be contrasted with, or complemented by, dark granite such as Black Galaxy, or the vivid tones of African Red and Baltic Brown.


Similarly, natural wall materials like brick and wooden tongue and groove work well with granite’s depth of colour and natural robustness.


At the other end of the design spectrum, granite works equally well with monochrome basics. The simplicity of granite perfectly fits with sleek lines and smooth surfaces. This can be offset with the use of natural wood to add some warmth to the overall tonal palette.


Newcastle and the North East of England have a bold historical and industrial heritage. Granite perfectly reflects this with its natural strength and polished appearance. It straddles, the past, present and future as a material associated with both construction and design. It has echoes of the past while being perfectly adaptable to contemporary needs.


Granite worktops are about functionality and visual excellence. They combine prestige and practicality, toughness and depth of character; perfect for contemporary kitchen design in Newcastle and the North East.

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