How Granite Worktops Fit Contemporary Kitchen Trends

Granite is timeless. It’s been used as a building material for thousands of years. In Britain the granite quarrying industry developed from the late 18th century, but it was used as a material for interiors as far back as ancient Egypt. Granite symbolises a kind of enduring strength b

How Granite Worktops Make Unique Kitchens

What would it take to make your kitchen truly unique? Trends come and go, and there is now a huge range of kitchen styles to choose from. But how can you ensure that the kitchen design you choose will feel completely unique to you? The answer lies in granite worktops.   Minerals

Light Your Kitchen to Enhance Your Granite Worktops

Planning your kitchen involves a number of elements, from colours and fittings, to worktops and appliances. Don’t neglect the kitchen lighting however, because it can really enhance your kitchen space, including features like granite worktops.   First Steps Light works naturally

Are You Dreaming of a White Kitchen With Granite Worktops?

Are You Dreaming of a White Kitchen With Granite Worktops? Is the white kitchen a design classic? For many, the white kitchen is as established as blue denim jeans, or the little black dress. It’s a key way of decorating the most important room in your home. So where do granite workto

How Granite Worktops Can Help to Keep Your Kitchen Cool

Summer can be a long time coming, but when it hits, you want a cool kitchen, in both senses of the word. The kitchen is your entertainment hub when you have friends round, but also you want it to feel comfortable when the temperature rises. Combine granite worktops with sensible measu

Will Your Dream Kitchen Have Granite Worktops?

What would your dream kitchen look like? What kind of design decisions do you need to make? There are different ways of approaching this, from modern and contemporary to more traditional ideas. The open plan kitchen, for example, has really made a mark and is set to become increasingl

How Granite Worktops Add Value to Your Home in Sunderland

When people are looking at homes to buy, the kitchen can be a key deciding factor. Sometime this may be down to potential: if the existing space looks good then it’s an attractive proposition for a new, full kitchen fit-out. Alternatively, when it comes to investing in a property, hav

Why Do Granite Worktops Have the Wow Factor in Middlesbrough

Natural stone in a domestic setting can be very dramatic. There’s something about granite worktops that immediately enhances a kitchen, whether the design is contemporary or classic. The Kitchen as Household Hub Kitchens can be very modern living spaces, replete with the latest gadget

What Makes Granite Kitchen Worktops So Adaptable?

Granite is an igneous rock, formed from magma in at the earth’s core millions of years ago. This doesn’t make it sound very adaptable to modern living. But it is. Granite has evolved as a building material and it’s now much sought after for use in interiors, kitchens in particular. Gr

Texture, Depth and Mystery from Granite Worktops

What do you associate with granite? As a building material it’s well established in Durham and the North East. However, besides being an established building component, granite is a prestige material for interior use, particularly for kitchen worktops. You might think of granite as mo