Are You Dreaming of a White Kitchen With Granite Worktops?

Are You Dreaming of a White Kitchen With Granite Worktops?

Is the white kitchen a design classic? For many, the white kitchen is as established as blue denim jeans, or the little black dress. It’s a key way of decorating the most important room in your home. So where do granite worktops fit in?

Is White Alright?

The white kitchen is timeless. It’s not likely to date, and even if it spends some time out of the spotlight, inevitably it eventually finds its way to centre stage again. But why has the white kitchen proved so enduring?

For a start, white always feels clean and fresh, which is a pretty good aspiration for the impression you want your kitchen to make. These two qualities are a great foundation for design, because they echo the possibilities of the blank page, and a great sense of potential.

For some, the blank page brings fear, and a sense of incompleteness. But white doesn’t have to mean minimalism, or sterility. White can convey a real sense of feeling, and the right granite worktop works perfectly to help achieve this.

Choosing the Perfect Granite Worktop

The advantage of the white kitchen is that you can match such a wide range of colours to it, achieving markedly different results depending on your choice. Now obviously granite worktops are a big commitment; they’re made to last, so you want them to perfectly match your kitchen design.

The way white opens up possibilities can itself be a barrier, because it makes the choice so much wider. But think in terms of mood, and how the granite shade you choose will enhance or diminish this.

So you might want to enhance the sense of whiteness, of clean lines, with a white granite worktop, though this by no means need limiting to a plain shade. Pale granite comes in a variety of patterns and variations.

Alternatively, you could go for a sharp contrast, with a deep, black granite worktop to counter the otherwise predominantly white kitchen design.

Don’t ignore the potential of other granite colours, such as blues and greens, and even reds. Each has something to contribute to how your kitchen could look.

In the end the choice is yours, but by choosing the timeless white kitchen as your foundation, you’ve opened up a world of possibilities.

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